Frequently asked questions

News and Business Tips

As part of our commitment towards helping young businesses grow, michassi seeks to provide both sellers and buyers with trending news and business updates. This section of michassi is also open to bloggers with creatives to share their contents and see it promoted here on michass

Questions about my order

Every order placed on michassi has a unique order and tracking number that can be used to track orders every step of the way. From order placement pick up of order to delivery, be sure to receive email and sms notifications informing you of every step of progress.

Sharing Products on michassi

Inviting friends and family is easy on michassi. With just a click of a button, you can share your products and shops to friends,family and customers via whatsapp, facebook and twitter.

How to own a shop on Michassi

Owning a shop on michassi is absolutely easy. From the home page, toggle to login section at right top corner of the home page and click on “become a seller” from the drop-down menu. Fill in your personal and company details and voila! you’re all set.

Using Michassi

Michassi is proudly Ghanaian and for all Ghanaians. Michassi was developed with the mindset of helping grow young entrepreneurs and SME’s and it is in view of this that Michassi has been specially carved for ease of use. With just a click of a button you can own and set up your own shop on Michassi. It doesn’t get any easier!

About Michassi

Michassi is an e-commerce platform that seeks to provide young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to own virtual shops. In our world today where everything is gravitating gradually towards digitalizing, traditional ways of doing business alone is no longer sustainable. As a firm, we recognized how expensive it is to own individual business websites and run advertisements and it is at back of this that michassi was birth; to provide a safe and centralized marketplace where entrepreneurs and startups can trade and advertise their products and services without breaking their pockets. Michassi is proudly Ghanaian and hence the name michassi (an ewe word which means “let’s trade”).


Michassi~Lets Shop!